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Welcome to my Bryn Mawr Blog. This is Jaclyn. I will walk you through a typical week of my life at Bryn Mawr College.


I have two classes on Monday. In between the two classes, I went to mail my tax return.

  • Tax

This is the week before the tax return is due, so I went to Pensby Center to get two envelops and mailed them in the Mailroom at Campus Center.


Haverfarm has open volunteer hours every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. We finished weeding and started planting lettuces.

I also see the pepper that I started a few weeks ago start growing.

  • Watson Info Session

I attend an info session on Watson Fellowship, a grant for one-year purposeful and independent exploration outside the US. Immediately after the info session, I made an appointment next week to meet with the fellowship adviser Eleanor (Ellie) Stanford to talk in detail.

  • practice midterm presentation

I have a presentation tomorrow for midterm so I practice it a few times before I go to bed.


  • Career-Ready Intensive

I attended a Career-Ready Intensive hosted by Career and Civic Engagement Center. Today is an introduction session for the following five weeks. Through the next five weeks, we will cover some skills or competencies that employers look for in recent college graduates.


A.B./M.S.S. program is the five-year program with Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research at Bryn Mawr. A psychology or sociology major can work toward their Master of Social Services (M.S.S.) from senior year. I find this program to be a perfect fit for me: I want to become a therapist and naturally fit almost all the requirements. I’ve been taking two courses at the GSSWSR this semester and the class experience are so amazing that they confirm my pursuit to become a therapist and to continue my social work education here at Bryn Mawr.

I attended a personal statement workshop since I’ve been working on personal statements for several projects. I learnt that it’s important to have a short but memorable story at the beginning of the personal statement that acts as a hook, but I’ve never come up with one that I’m satisfied with. As I walk through the steps in the workshop, I remember a moment that is consistent with my general message but is interesting enough to catch some attention. After attending this workshop, I feel less intimidated to start working on my personal statement and feel more confident because I have some ideas to explore.

Pensby Center hosts guided meditation every Thursday. I have been practicing meditation since high school but it’s been a long time to follow a guided meditation. I feel more at peace afterwards.


I applied to be a THRIVE mentor for the next semester. THRIVE is a program that aims to help with the transition for first-year students. It helped me a lot when I was a frosh and I want to pass that on.

  • New Job at Political Science

I had the first meetup with a political science professor. I’ve never taken any classes in polisci, but I’ve been to a guest lecture hosted by this professor and loved it.


  • Vermicompost

Haverfarm hosts a vermicompost workshop. Composting is the process of decomposing food into nutrient-rich soil and various worms help and speed up that process.

Tri-CASC is a conference created by and for Asian and Pacific Islander, Asian American, and Pacific Islander American (API/A) identifying students in Tri-Co.


I went to the Writing Center for some help with my application for the summer internship funding.

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