A Day in My Life: Friday

Hello and welcome to my Bryn Mawr Blog. I’m Jacqueline, a psychology major from China. I will walk you through a typical Friday for me at Bryn Mawr College.

  • Morning Routine

I start the day with my morning routines: meditation and reading. Being able to start my day in a certain way, instead of responding to what’s happening in the news, allows me to start the day in a stable mood and gives me some sense of control over my life.

Then I will have breakfast while talking to my mom. She is back home in China so there’s a 12 hours time difference. The options to talk are either early in the morning or late at night. Since my mom goes to the gym in the morning before she goes to work, her morning would be too busy to talk. So, we talk when it’s morning for me and night for her.

  • Work Weekly Meeting

I work as a member of the Mawrter Made Media Team and we have weekly meetings to update on the program we now have and come up with new engaging content ideas.

  • Study at Library

If it was pre-COVID, I’d go to my carrel at Carpenter to study. Students can request a carrel at the beginning of each semester year and they are typically reserved for graduate students and undergraduate seniors. There’s some left so I got one. But in response to COVID-19, carrel space now is unavailable.

I’d usually stay in to study but today I decided to go study in the Lutnick library at Haverford. It’s been under construction for the last two years. The first and the only time I went in was when I visited in high school. Thus, today is the first time I stepped foot into this library since it reopened after construction.

I get a ride on the Blue Bus to Haverford. Blue bus is the most common way for Bi-Co students to transport between two campuses. On weekdays, the blue-bus runs every ten minutes on average. Check out the schedule here. Don’t forget to say “Thank you” to the bus drivers to express your gratitude for their hard work.

  • Reading

The assignment is to read a play for the class Fundamentals of Acting. As I mentioned before, I’m a psychology major and I have absolutely no experience in theater or anything related to acting before. But I chose to take it for two reasons: first, in a psychology writing class I took last semester, I read in the book If I Understood you, Would I Have This Look on My Face about how Alan Alda uses his acting experience, especially improv, to help scientists communicate effectively with their colleagues and also educate the science to the public. Another reason is that having an entire semester on zoom, I really need some interaction with people in real life.

  • Career and Civic Engagement Center Drop-In

I attend a drop-in session with a career peer at the Career and Civic Engagement Center. I need some help on the cover letter for the summer internship that I want to apply. Career Peers provide help about resume, cover letter, internship searching and etc. It used to be held in the Career and Civic Engagement Center on the second floor of Campus Center and now it’s available on Zoom.

  • Chill Outside

After some intense studying, I take a break by sitting outside. Today is one of these days in the spring that the sun reminds you that the spring is coming while the wind brings the winter back. Since COVID-19, I begin to appreciate small things that happen to me. For example, I feel grateful that I can sit on a bench and let the sun warms my soul.

I have some chocolate chips cookie I packed. I find dividing the dough evenly and shaping them to be too much work, so I just flatten the entire dough onto the baking sheet and break them into small pieces after they are done. They might not be aesthetically pleasing but they taste perfect.

  • Bi-Co Farmstand

I learnt about the Bi-Co Farmstand on a blog post about how stickers are designed and made at the Markerspace and I wanted to get some fresh produce from the Haverfarm. But by the time I got there, they were all sold out. I will probably try to get there earlier next week.

  • Evening Routine

I get back to Bryn Mawr campus on the Blue Bus and walked back to my apartment. I had dinner and chilled on the couch for a bit. I finished my day with an evening routine of reading and journal.

Thank you for reading. I will continue to share my life at Bryn Mawr with you.

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